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by Lee Franklin October 31, 2019 2 Comments

Happy Halloween! We thought we would treat everyone to a fabulous collection of retro Halloween décor for the Eve of All Hallows this year. We've chosen 6 of our favourite Retro Halloween enthusiasts over on Instagram for your visual delight!

Here in the UK, our celebration of Halloween is pretty much restricted to the day itself when some households, who don’t mind trick or treaters calling, will decorate their homes or porches with suitably spooky décor. I think it’s fair to say that it’s generally quite a gentle affair …. But over the pond, our American cousins are grabbing the event by both hands and really giving it some! We would like to introduce us mild mannered Brits to some Queens of Halloween décor who are seriously rockin’ their stuff when it comes to embracing this autumnal celebration!

 All our Insta Queens of Halloween are lovers of vintage and (of course) mad about Halloween, but they’re all very different in style and aesthetic. So if you’re looking to up your game in Halloween decor, then these ladies can definitely teach us a trick or two ... and it’s certainly a treat (sorry, I know, bad punn) ...

We'll start with Jennifer who combines fabulous Mid Century style with quirky Halloween décor, a lifestyle writer and blogger specialising in “crafts, kitsch and kids”, she can teach you how to create amazing trees for every seasonal celebration. She is also a vintage seller on Etsy .. check out all her links in her insta bio : @Jenniferperkins 

Jennifer's Mid Century Halloween Decor

Jennifer's Retro Halloween Shelfie

Jennifer's Pink Halloween Tree and decor

Jennifer's Orange Halloween Tree and Decor

Jennifer's Black and brightly coloured Halloween Trees


Jennie is a kitsch-obsessed pyrex collector, and she puts together the most awesome seasonal displays. Check out her insta for all-year-round pyrex and vintage goodness! @Jennie_loves

Jennie's Vintage Pyrex Halloween Display - wide shot

Jennie's Vintage Pyrex Halloween Display - close-ups

Jennie's Vintage Pyrex Halloween Display - close-ups

Jennie's Vintage Pyrex and Halloween Cats

Jennie's Vintage Pyrex and ceramic pumpkins Halloween Display


Shanna’s home is an eclectic mix of Mid Century kitsch and ALL seasonal décor! … “ in this household it can be Halloween or Christmas (often both) on any given day of the year ”. Feast your eyes on her Instagram feed: @antique_vestige and from there you can also link to her Etsy store of vintage and handmade kitsch seasonal decor.

Shanna's Halloween Mantlepiece display

Shanna's Halloween Tree and Wreath

Shanna's Vintage Halloween Shelfies

Shanna's Halloween Display

Shanna's Halloween Cushions

Shanna's Halloween and Christmas Decor


Vanessa, co-host of #theretroroulette on Instagram, has a fabulous dark sense of humour which she combines with vintage pop to create fun, high kitsch Halloween assemblages and décor … It’s a Halloween disco baby! @vintagevspot  

We were honoured to feature her fabulous home in one of our House Tours earlier in the year. If you wish to learn more about her vintage philosophy and inspirations, check out Vaness'a Retro Rainbow Chic Home 

Vanessa's Colourful Retro Halloween Decor

Vanessa's Halloween Cat Rug

Vanessa's Dark humourous Halloween displays

Vanessa's Vintage Halloween shelfie

Vanessa's Vintage Halloween hostess trolley display

Vanessa's Kitsch Retro Halloween Display


Johanna is a self-confessed “Halloween Dreamer, Pattern Artist & Schemer”. She collaborates with other spooky artists to create some amazing Halloween themed décor and accessories in a retro folk art style. Check out her insta @japrkerdesign and from there you can also get to her website if you fancy owning one of her amazing creations.

Johanna's Halloween Shelfies

Johanna's Halloween Cats

Johanna's Halloween Ornaments

Johanna's Vintage inspired Halloween Cats and Pumpkins

Johanna's Vintage inspired Halloween figures

Johanna's Retro Halloween Tree Toppers and Wreath


Hazel, a Halloween and vintage obsessed decorating enthusiast has a home crammed full of fun … She writes a blog and sells her Halloween creations on several online platforms. Check the links in her Instagram account  @halloweenhomemaker

Hazel's Halloween Tree and cushions

Hazel's Kitsch Halloween Pumpkin display

Hazel's Vintage Halloween Displays

Hazel's Halloween Displays inspired by Little Shop of Horrors

Hazel's Halloween Pumpkin shelfie and spooky watermelon

A big thank you to all our HALLOWEEN QUEENS for allowing us to share their fabulous homes and decor! Do check out all their wonderful Instagram feeds!


Photo credits: All photos kindly provided by the ladies featured.

Lee Franklin
Lee Franklin


2 Responses


November 18, 2019

Amazing blog!! I just love all the Halloween inspiration, seems you can have a tree in your house for any occasion, and the cat decorations are just incredible. I love it all.💕

La Shanna Banana
La Shanna Banana

November 07, 2019

Such an awesome post! Thank you for so much spooky Halloween inspiration 🎃👻

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