May 08, 2024

Get Happy with Dopamine Decor. An easy way to flood your home with joy.

By Lee Franklin

This year is seeing a home decor trend that is all about creating a space that makes you feel good … surrounding yourself with things that make you smile, embracing vibrant colours, dynamic patterns and eclectic textures as a way to boost your mood and unleash your creative freedom. So ditch the beige and embrace the bold! Get on board with Dopamine Decor, it's time to unleash your happy place ...

A brightly coloured room with a cat sleeping on a sofa. Image credit: India Shannon @justlikethecountry

( image credit: Instagram @justlikethecountry )

So, what is Dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in our brains associated with pleasure and reward. When dopamine levels are low, we can feel sluggish, depressed, or even angry. But when they are high we feel motivated, excited and engaged. By incorporating bold colours, playful patterns, and textures you love into your space, you can create an environment that triggers the release of dopamine, boosting your mood and making you feel good every time you walk in the door… sounds good, eh?

A dopamine decor style lounge with stripey rug, dark blue walls and multicoloured pictured and cushions. Image credit : Rachel Verney @the_shoestring_home
View from a kitchen through to a pink dining room with patterned wallpaper. Image credit : Rachel Verney @the_shoestring_home

( image credit: Instagram @the_shoestring_home )

How can you use Dopamine Decor to boost your mood and create a joyful home?

Here's the beauty of Dopamine Decor: there are no hard and fast rules! It's all about what makes you happy. There's no one-size-fits-all approach! And it doesn’t have to be expensive. Even though the statements can seem bold, they don’t necessarily have to be big in size, and you don’t have to start over from scratch to start achieving the dopamine effect … adding small pops of joyous colour, scattering pattern and slipping in some sumptuous texture to your current decor is a great way to start getting those neurotransmitters firing!

A brightly coloured hallway with blue & green walls and wood panelling. A purple dining table in the foreground. Image credit :India Shannon @justlikethecountry
( image credit: Instagram @justlikethecountry )
Two photos of brightly coloured interiors depicting the Dopamine Decor Style.
( image credit: Instagram @dopaminedesignbymila )


If you're looking for easy ways to inject some happy vibes into your home, look no further … Here at Inkabilly, we are big fans of vibrant design. We love using bold colours and striking patterns in our high gloss coasters, and our retro designs are inherently full of happy nostalgia.

Why Inkabilly Coasters are Perfect for Dopamine Decor:

Bursting with Happy Colour: Inkabilly coasters come in a kaleidoscope of colours and designs. From retro florals to playful geometric patterns, there's a coaster to match every happy mood. Find ones that complement your existing décor or use them as a starting point to create a whole new look.

Two photos of Inkabilly Flower Power Coasters, the left inage shows the coasters with a glass of water next to a barbantia bread bin, the second photo shows the coasters being held like a fan | The Inkabilly Emporium

Vibrant Patterns: Don't be afraid to mix and match! The beauty of Dopamine Decor is the playful use of pattern. Coasters are the perfect way to add a touch of personality and visual interest to your coffee table, kitchen counter or home bar.

Two photos: the first image shows Inkabilly Op Art Coasters in Green on a yellow table with a Sooty mug and candlesticks, the second image shows the same coaster in orange on a glass table in a 70s style lounge | The Inkabilly Emporium

Retro is In: Retro designs are a big part of the Dopamine Decor aesthetic. Inkabilly coasters feature classic patterns and motifs that add a touch of nostalgia and instant happiness. 

Two photos: the first showing 70s style round coasters on a home bar with glitter ball and retro cocktails, the second shows 70s style coasters on a sideboard with vintage lamp and 70s style wallpaper | The Inkabilly Emporium


Small Changes, Big Impact: Don't underestimate the power of small touches! Adding a set of brightly patterned coasters to your coffee table or even just one to your office desk is a simple and affordable way to inject some joy into your personal space.

Two photos showing Inkabilly's Scandi Geometric coasters. The first image is a top shot of two coasters on a yellow table on a geometric rug. The second photo shows the coasters in a wide shot on a coffee table in a living room with a geometric mural on the chimney breast | The Inkabilly Emporium


Beyond the Coffee Table: Think outside the box! Use our coasters as mini decorative pieces on shelves, bookcases or mantlepieces. They also make fabulous mini display stands for small plants, fun figurines, vintage pottery, or even candles (all our coasters are heat resistant!).

Two photos: the first shows a mantlepiece with a selection of ornaments; a metal letter F, a Poole Pottery dish and a 70s flower coaster. The second image shows a collection of vintage vases on a teak sideboard | The Inkabilly Emporium

Mix and Match: The beauty of Dopamine Decor is the freedom to play. Don't be afraid to combine different patterns and textures. Pair your Inkabilly coasters with other colourful and patterned elements, like funky cushions or a bold table runner.

Two photos: The first shows 70s style placemats & coasters on a vintage tablecloth with vintage crockery; the second image show four retro flower coasters on a vintage tablecloth | The Inkabilly Emporium
Top shot of a collection of brightly coloured coasters by Inkabilly | The Inkabilly Emporium

    Remember, your home is your sanctuary. So fill it with things that bring you joy and make you feel good. With a little creativity (and some help from Inkabilly coasters), you can be on your way to a happier, more dopamine-filled home in no time!

    Browse our coasters: Our coasters are available in sets of four or six. If you are a fan of a particular brand of nostalgia, you can browse them by era: 50s60s & 70s … or by collection: 70s Graphics, Tiki, Scandi, Atomic, Retro Florals and Cosmic Cocktails. 

    Crafted Just for You: Feeling super inspired and want to take your Dopamine Decor to the next level? If you've already got a specific idea or colour scheme in mind, we can help! Inkabilly offers a bespoke service where we can personalise any of our designs to match your unique needs. No need to scroll endlessly for the perfect finishing touch, just tell us your vision and we'll make it a reality. Get in touch with us today and let's get your dopamine-fueled decor dreams started!


    Image credits for fabulous customer photos of Inkabilly coasters on instagram : @rinkydinkretro@vintagevspot@hifi74@louisey_living@victorianterracerenovation, @lurchergrrrlbetty