Groovy Graphics: A Dive into the World of 70s Supergraphics

By Lee Franklin

... and how to add a splash of this iconic style to your home decor.

The 1970s were a decade of bold colours, funky fashion, and a can-do optimism. This era gave birth to a brave, unique artistic movement known as Supergraphics that transcended the boundaries of traditional graphic design. 

What are 70s Supergraphics?

Supergraphics were oversized graphic elements full of sweeping curves, geometric shapes, and vibrant colours that would flow across multiple walls, ceilings and even floors. Until this point, murals were confined to one wall, but Supergraphics did not play by the same rules; they flowed across multiple surfaces, they knew no boundaries and even encompassed furniture and soft furnishings … anything that got in the way of their flow, man!

(image credit: The New Complete Basic Book of Home Decorating by William E. Hague,1977)

What Makes Supergraphics Super?

  • Size Matters: Supergraphics were big and bold. They were all about making a statement. They dominated the surfaces they were applied to, making a powerful visual statement.
  • Colour Explosion: The 70s were all about colour, and supergraphics embraced this wholeheartedly. Think bright oranges, bold browns, deep purples, vibrant greens and plenty of primary and psychedelic hues.
(image credit: Better Homes & Gardens Decorating Book,1975)
  • Geometric Grooves: Geometric shapes like circles, squares, waves and rainbows were popular motifs in Supergraphics, providing that all-important sense of dynamism and movement.
  • More Than Decoration:  Supergraphics weren't just about domestic aesthetics. They often served a functional purpose in public spaces, acting as wayfinding systems or adding a touch of personality to a sterile environment. Today, this might not seem all that unusual, but back in the 70s this was groundbreaking stuff!
(image credit: Living for Today by Karen Fisher, 1972 and Living for Today by Karen Fisher,1972)


After the exuberance of the 70s, and the more disciplined style of the 80s kicked in, Supergraphics fell out of favour for a while, but they've seen a resurgence in recent years in domestic interiors. Their bold, optimistic spirit and playful use of colour resonate with modern eclectic and maximalist styles, as well as those of us who love a bit of retro! They can be a great way to add personality to a blank wall, brighten up a boring corner, or create a statement in a hallway or landing.

A super easy way to add 70s Supergraphics to your home (without breaking out the paint brushes!).

If you're brave enough to break out a striking Supergraphic in your home, we salute you! .... but having massive painted shapes in the home isn't necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, and you do need a certain artistic confidence to pull off Supergraphics in your own home! So how can you add a splash of this amazing 70s style to your home decor without committing to a massive bold statement? Maybe you’d like just a taste of Supergraphics, or be able to have it just one day and not the next?

Here at Inkabilly, we might just have the solution! Our 70s style tableware embodies the bold spirit of these mega murals. With vibrant, flowing geometric shapes in classic 70s colours, our high gloss coasters can add a splash of the 70s across your coffee table, and our placemats will transform your dining room table into an ode to the best decade ever ... and both can be popped back in the drawer when you fancy a change! A super affordable and accessible way to have Supergraphics at your fingertips, and be inspired and entertained by their joyous shapes and colours every day.

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70s Supergraphic Coasters by Inkabilly on a white background
70s Circles Coasters by Inkabilly on a textured retro surface

All our tableware is made from high quality materials, with sustainability at the heart of production. They are made to be hard-wearing and easy to care for, so will last for years to come, giving you many many dinner parties, coffee breaks, family meals and special occasions … all with impact and personality! 

A 70s style placemat featuring retro Supergraphics sits on a teak table with mid century knife & fork and vintage crockery
A set of four circular placemats featuring 70s style graphics lie in an overlapping line on a teak table
A 70s style coaster sits on a vintage tiled coffee table, in the blurred background is a vintage armchair


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