House Tour : Vanessa’s Retro Rainbow Chic Home

By Lee Franklin

This week we have the second instalment of our two-part feature on the fabulous duo behind Instagram’s #theretroroulette. We are visiting the wonderful home of Vanessa (@vintagevspot) whose love of colour (and Christmas!) can’t be ignored! We also find out a little bit more about how the retro community on Instagram can step outside of the internet and our screens …

 How long have you been collecting vintage? 

 About 7 years. When I moved into my own place is when I started to really get into all things vintage! 

House Tour: vanessa's mid century style lounge

Where does your love of vintage come from?

I’m not sure! No one in my family is into it. I have always been an old soul. As a young kid I remember being fascinated with older items rather than new. Which is why I loved being at my grandparents. 

House Tour: vanessa's vintage pyrex collection

How would you describe your own vintage style?

Retro chic mixed with Rainbow Brite!

House Tour: Vanessa's vintage colourful living room

What is your favourite era / maker?.

The 70s for sure! Love the colorful hippie flower power feels!

House Tour: Vanessa's colourful 70s style lounge

Do you have any specific criteria for your home décor based on style/era/colour … or is it a gut reaction?

I just let my heart flow! Whatever makes my heart sing I just sorta piece together. It always ends up working out 

Do you have a favourite piece in your home?

I don’t have one but anything vintage Christmas. It’s very special to me because my grandma loved it and made it very special. And since she’s been gone I’ve carried on her traditions 

House Tour: Vanessa's Vintage Christmas decor

What, if anything, has been your best or favourite find?

An old cardboard 1960s Christmas fireplace. Which was used for families who didn’t have a fireplace for Santa to come down in.

House Tour: Vanessa's 1960s cardboard fireplace and chimney

Is there a specific item that you would love to find but has so far eluded you?   

I would love to find an old Camper to redo! 

So, Vanessa, tell us how you became involved in #theretroroulette? I believe you met Harmony on instagram before it all started ...?

I did! About 3 years ago I found Harmony on Instagram because I saw she was from Chicago too! I wrote her just asking what part she lives in and that I loved her home. After talking we decided to get together and have been hanging out ever since! She became one of my best friends and I thank Instagram for that. 7 months ago she came to me with the hashtag idea and I thought it was brilliant! It was a fantastic way to bring this vintage community together. So, I was more than happy to be part of it. 

The Inkabilly Blog: Vanessa and Vintage V SPot

Please tell us about your fabulously kitsch handmade Christmas decorations that we keep spying on your Instagram … are these going to be for sale in your Etsy store this Winter?

Oh yes! Last year I created vintage Christmas inspired enamel pins. (Christmas is my absolute fav) Not everyone wears pins so I made fun resin ornaments with the pin inside. I do traditional colors and of course rainbow ones! A bunch more will be available in November. 

Vanessa's kitsch retro Christmas decorations

Check out Vintage V Spot on Etsy!  and if you haven't already, cruise by Vanessa on Instagram @Vintagevspot

If you missed the first part of our focus on #theretroroulette you can find Harmony’s House Tour here

Photo credits: All photos kindly provided by Vanessa


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