Tropical Christmas A-Go-Go!

By Lee Franklin

Tropical Christmas a-go-go

To celebrate our recent collaboration with LadyJoBangles to create our fabulous new Tropical Christmas Coasters, we've been delving into the dangerously addictive world of Pinterest to collect inspirational Tropical and kitsch Christmas decor ... and how superb some of it is!
We have always been rather alternative and irreverent with our own Christmas decor, which over the years has seen various incarnations ... and recently we have definitely been getting more eclectic and colourful as we've journeyed towards a kitsch 70s style, but I think this year we will be definitely introducing some more tropical vibes! Especially as this is our first Christmas with our own vintage home bar .... which is crying out for more Tiki accessories and decor.


Check out our Pinterest board for some inspiration for your own Tropical themed Christmas decor!



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Title images taken from our Pinterest *Tropical Christmas* Board