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By Lee Franklin

Retro Kids Tableware | The Inkabilly Emporium

ETA: We are now selling these under our sister brand KidBilly! All our personalised kids products can now be found in the KidBilly Etsy Store

We're super excited to launch our new tableware designs for retro kids!  These have been a while brewing in the pipeline. Last Christmas we made personalised placemats and coasters for our nephews last year, and ever since we have been dying to start designing more for children. As parents of a lively 4 year old, we know only too well how mealtimes can pan out, so we reckon any weapon in the arsenal for calmer dinnertimes is only to be encouraged! So with this in mind, we have come up with a couple of designs with vibrant colours and patterns that cool kids will love, and as always here at Inkabilly, they have a distinctive retro feel, cos even though these are for the  kids, there's no reason to sacrifice your vintage style!

Our melamine tableware is also super hardwearing and, most importantly, easy wipe clean! 

Retro Space Personalised Kids Placemat and Coaster by Inkabilly

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Both designs can be personalised with the child's name, (so no more arguments over who sits where!) and if you have kids with a keen sense of colour, we can also customise the designs to accommodate favourite colours (please get in touch before ordering custom colours so we can discuss your specific requirements).

Retro Rainbow Personalised Kids Placemat and Coaster by Inkabilly

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We think these will make lovely thoughtful gifts for friends and family's little ones ... and let's face it, most parents have enough toys cluttering up the place - they will surely thank you for a practical gift!


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