Super Seconds Festival Graphic

On 1st & 2nd October we will be taking part in the Super Seconds Festival, during which 250 makers will be selling their slight seconds and end of line products at hugely reduced prices. 

We will have a great selection of coasters, placemats, compact mirrors, tote bags and greetings cards, all at bargain prices!

Products will go live at 10am on Saturday 1st October, so bookmark this page come back then to grab a bargain!

All items are 'seconds' which means they might have a slight printing error*, a small chip along one edge, or marks/scratches on the back, but we can assure you they are still fully functioning and still look fabulous!

We also have test prints which are perfect prints, but the colour might not be quite how we wanted it. Test prints can also be us playing around with the actual design before deciding on the final layout, or initial prints of custom orders ... so these would be rare Inkabilly one-offs!

*Printing errors can mean a tiny white/black spot in the pattern where dust has got trapped between the paper print out and the substrate during pressing, or it could be a small area of the pattern which has not printed quite as well due to uneven pressure or a tiny bit of moisture sneaking in.

Further information about each product's imperfections will be available in the product descriptions.