Thinking outside the (Gift) Box … Creative Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Wrapping for Retro Fans

By Lee Franklin

This week on the Inkabilly Blog we are super excited to have a guest author! We are handing over the reins to the fabulous woman behind More Pretty Things (home to gorgeous gifts and gift wrapping). Jo has written a fabulous post for us while being amazingly creative with our retro bandanas ... Just goes to show what you can do when you think outside the (gift) box  ...

Christmas is a coming and with it, a host of presents to buy and the task of gift wrapping them, no matter what shape or size!

But what if your gift wrap is an actual gift too?

Yes, it’s time to think outside the box…Ditch those un-recyclable gift bags, say “au revoir” to unsightly sticky tape and instead, beautifully wrap your gifts in a pretty bandana!

A bandana not only makes a fabulous gift but is the perfect wrapping material (especially for awkward shapes as it’s pliable).

With our quick guide below, you’ll be thrilled at just how fabulous your gifts will look.  No more hiding them at the back of the tree, your friends will be green with envy and talking green…They’ll not just look amazing, as you’ve chosen a reusable wrapping material, it’s environmentally friendly too! 

Totally spoiled for choice, we’ve picked 2 designs from a wonderful range of gorgeous bandanas made in the UK by The Inkabilly Emporium.  Add in some ribbon and a choice of decorative touches (to match the occasion, i.e. birthday or Christmas etc.) and you’re good to go! 

Bandanas used as gift wrapping

Here’s just a few ideas to try…

Chocolate Box Gift Wrapping 

Simply fold your bandana around your box just like you would with paper, secure with ribbon and complete the look with some sprigs of rosemary and a pinecone.

Bandana wraps box of chocolate

Beauty Bundle Gift Wrapping

Pop your beauty bits in the middle of the bandana and bring two sides in to cover them, then bring the other two sides towards each other and tie together to secure. Add decorative touches to suit!

Beauty products wrapped in Gingham Bandana

Candle (Cylinder shaped) Gift Wrapping

Place your item in the centre of the bandana and bring the material over the item, pleating a bit at a time at one side then the other. Secure with ribbon and add a tag, bauble, bell or other decorative touch to suit.

Candle wrapped in pola dot bandana

And there you have it…Beautiful, easy and fun wrapping to have a go at this Christmas!

Happy Wrapping and a Very Merry Christmas to you all!  Jo x

Jo Thompson, Founder and Gift Wrapping Specialist at More Pretty Things.

For more information on workshops, demonstrations and even more wrapping ideas visit or for daily prettiness, follow on Instagram (www.instagram/moreprettythingsgiftwrapping)


Find the complete collection of Inkabilly Bandanas here ….. great for wrapping presents or heads!

Inkabilly Bandanas