Retro Christmas Gift Guide 2019

By Lee Franklin

Retro Christmas Gift Guide 2019 - the inkabilly blog

Struggling to think of a fabulous gift for your vintage loving nearest and dearest? Fear not, we have been working our little butts off to compile a Retro Gift Guide from a whole host of vintage-inspired independent makers so you can sit back and relax, and do your retro Christmas shopping from the comfort of your sofa, knowing your well earned cash will be supporting small businesses and real people (rather than big corporations, yay!) 

We have some absolutely fabulous unusual gift ideas for guys and gals that really stand out from the crowd … so be in no doubt, yours will be the coolest gift under the tree! ... We have Retro Gifts for the Home plus a collection of super cool Stocking Fillers ....

Just try not to buy it all for yourself (like I have been sorely tempted to do while gathering these all together!).

Retro Gifts for the Home

Retro Christmas Gift Guide - Gifts for the Home


1. Kitsch Christmas Deer Cushion by Estelle Bilson

Kitsch Christmas Cushion by Estelle Bilson

Kicking off in fabulous kitsch style with this amazing Christmas Cushion by Estelle Bilson Creative. Printed on velvet, these cute deer have Swarovski hooves and twinkling eyes and also glitter fabric antlers! Estelle's whole range of cushion covers and upholstered furniture is perfect for kitschy Christmas lovers! 

Available from Estelle Bilson Creative


2. 60s Print by Deltanova

60s Retro Print by Deltanova

If you’re after a 60s vibe, you can’t go wrong with a print from Deltanova. Their work has been featured on Mad Men, so you’ll be in fine company! Perfect for any fans of the 60s movie Wonderwall or if you just love that cool 60s hippy vibe.

Available from Deltanova on Etsy


3. Retro Coffee Mug by Rosella and Lime

retro coffee mug by Rosella and Lime

This Retro Coffee Mug in Mid Century style pattern and colours comes in a lovely gift box and is available as a single or pair, so makes a great gift for couples. 

Available from Rosella and Lime on Etsy


4. Blue Lady Mug by Cheeky Tiki 

Blue Lady Mug by Cheeky Tiki

Grab a tiki mug or maybe something a bit bigger from the fabulous Cheeky Tiki crew. Made in their in-house workshops, this hand painted Blue Lady mug is inspired by the subject of the iconic 1952 Tretchikoff painting, ‘Chinese Girl’ and is part of a limited edition of just 100 pieces, this exotic wahine would sit pretty in any cocktail cabinet! 

Available from Cheeky Tiki


5. Vintage Travel Poster Tea Towel by Half a Donkey 

Vintage Travel Poster Tea Towel by half a Donkey

Half a Donkey have a large selection of vintage style tea towels, so it's worth having a good ole rummage through their Etsy store if you know someone who likes a bit of art while they dry the dishes! ... and let's face it, that tedious job could do with a bit of vavavoom! 

Available from Half a Donkey on Etsy


6. 70s Op Art Coasters by Inkabilly

70s Op Art Coasters by Inkabilly

If you're shopping for someone who loves the 70s then these are a sure winner. Available in orange, green or brown, they come tied in ribbon and wrapped in tissue paper, so its afait accompli, job done - no extra work required when it comes to wrapping. Matching placemats available if you fancy the whole tableware set.

Available from Inkabilly


7. Macrame Hanging Plant Holder by Fringe and Fray

macrame plant holder by Fringe and Fray

Another one for 70s fans, this time a little more bohemian and which will cater for green fingered plant lovers too. Hand made from 100% recycled cotton rope it's also a fabulous gift for those keen on natural, eco-friendly products.

Available from Fringe and Fray Designs on Etsy


8. VHS Lamp by ReelVHSLamps

Recycled VHS Lamp by ReelVHSLamps

This has got to be the perfect gift for retro film buffs! A genius recycling idea to create a moody lighting effect for film night! They come either battery or USB operated and even have the option of a colour changing remote control.  How cool is that ...

Choose from many films at ReelVHSLamps on Etsy


9. Tea Cosy and Coffee Cosy Set by Dapper Alice

Tea cosy and coffee cosy set by Dapper Alice

Tea and coffee lovers will love you for this ... keeping their favourite beverage warm in retro style. Alice up-cycles vintage and retro fabrics into these gorgeous cosies, so her range is ever changing and unique ( so you might need to act fast to grab this particular one!).

Available from Dapper Alice on Etsy


10. Tangerine Lucite and Formica Mantle Clock by Royale Enamel Ltd.

Mid Century Mantle Clock by Royale Enamel Ltd

Dazzle your loved one with this jaw-droppingly fabulous Mid Century style reproduction clock ... and it gets better ... as all their clocks are hand made they can be purchased in the colour of your choice to match your interior. It's THE gift for Mid Century lovers.

Available from Royale Enamel Ltd. on Etsy


11. Retro Daffodil Print by Sacred Creative Art

Retro Scandi Print by Sacred Creative ARt

 Sophisticated floral folk art, in a 70's-style Scandi design of the springtime favourite, the Daffodil. From each sale of her "WILD" posters Natasha donates to the World Land Trust, so a totally feel-good gift for nature lovers.

Available from Sacred Creative Art on Etsy


Retro Stocking Fillers

Retro Christmas Gift Guide - Stocking Fillers - the inkabilly blog


1. Retro Phone Case by Jimbeels

Retro Phone case by Jimbeels

 You may have the latest technology, but you don't have to compromise your retro look. This retro striped phone case is a perfect stocking filler for 70s fans and a great way to keep the retro vibe with you all day,

Available from Jimbeels on Etsy


2. Vintage Space Travel Poster Fridge Magnets by BvdBDesign

Vintage Space Travel Poster Fridge Magnets by BvdBDesign

 We love these Vintage Space Travel Poster Fridge Magnets. A set of 8 fabulous Mid Century Style illustrations depicting futuristic space travel ... this gift covers all bases for your geeky loved one!

Available from BvdBDesign on Etsy


3. Tiki Socks by Subtitle Artwork

Tiki Socks by subtitle artwok

 Inspired by the classic Peanut Tiki mug, these tiki socks will delight any Tiki fan! Premium quality ( 80% combed cotton, 17% nylon, 3% spandex) and knitted in 4 colours. 

Available from Subtitle Artwork on Etsy


4. Vintage up-cycled Notebook by Pulp Paper Heaven

Vintage notebook by Pulp Paper Heaven

If you know someone who loves notebooks and stationery (I mean, who doesn't!) then you need to get them one of Pulp Paper Heaven's amazing notebooks. Hand-bound and up-cycled from (well-loved) vintage comics and books, each one is unique and truly made with love.

Available from Pulp Paper Heaven on Etsy

(or if you're in the South West, buy in person at the Bath Christmas Market till December 8th).


5. Vintage Crockery Ring by Kila Design

Retro jewellery by Kila Design

For lovers of vintage crockery, china and pottery, the up-cycled jewellery made by Kila Design will not fail to impress. Beautiful, unique pieces made from salvaged porcelain will compliment any retro outfit.

Available from Kila Design


6. Magnum PI Badge by The Kitschen Disco

Magnum PI Badge by Kitschen Disco

Ah man, surely no stocking can be complete without a Magnum PI badge? Or if Magnum's not your man, then The Kitschen Disco has a fantastic range of kitsch pop figures to choose from, all in glorious technicolour!

Available from The Kitschen Disco on Etsy


7. 80s Roller Skate Necklace by The Squeaky Frog

Retro 80s Roller skate necklace by the Squeaky Frog

 A super cool gift for 80s kids! I have wonderfully fond memories of roller skating in the then 'empty streets'.... sigh .... Anyway, this gorgeous necklace is laser cut from sustainable birch ply wood and lovingly hand painted with high quality acrylic paint before being varnished for protection. The stars have been finished with glitter varnish for a super sparkly effect ... how can you resist!

Available from The Squeaky Frog on Etsy


8. Cathrineholm Personalised Christmas Decoration by Inkabilly

Cathrineholm Christmas decoration by inkabilly

An extra special touch for fans of vintage pyrex (and in particular Cathrineholm), a personalised Christmas Decoration featuring the iconic Cathrineholm bowl stack. A gift that will be treasured and remembered as it is placed on the Christmas tree every year!

Available from Inkabilly


9. Retro Cross-stitch PDF Pattern by Alice Apple

Retro Cross Stitch PDF pattern by Alice Apple

 A wonderful little stocking filler for retro crafters ... This is an instant download PDF file of the pattern with a list of what you need, a full colour chart with list of DMC thread colours required and a photo of the finished picture. (You could even go the whole hog and buy the threads and fabric to create a wonderful kit!).

 Pattern available from Alice Apple on Etsy


10. Retro Tote Bag by Owl and Cat Interiors

Retro Tote Bag by Own and cat Interiors

Not only is this a delightful stocking filler gift ... this tote bag could even BE the stocking! Fill this with other retro gifts for a truly original present. 100% ethically sourced cotton tote with vintage Cecil Beall image, is sure to go down exceedingly well with fans of the Tretchikoff style.

Available from Owl and Cat Interiors on Etsy


11. Vintage inspired Brooches by Planet Utopia

Vintage inspired brooches by Planet Utopia

Planet Utopia creates gorgeous vintage inspired artwork which not only appears on wooden brooches, but can also be bought as prints. We think either would make fabulous stocking fillers for colour loving retro fans!

Available from Planet Utopia on Etsy


12. David Bowie Bunting by Material Gods

Bowie Bunting by Material Gods

Imagine a whole army of different Bowies helping you celebrate Christmas! We think this bunting is genius and any Bowie or Glam Rock fan will too. Inspired by pop culture, B-movies, vintage horror, Rock Stars and generally most things counter culture, Material Gods create amazing paper goods to rock your retro world.

Available from Material Gods on Etsy


13. Hand-painted Bangle by LadyJo Bangles

Cheers Bangle by LadyJoBangles

Inspired by the fun, kitsch imagery of the 50's cocktail cabinet, this hand-painted 'Cheers!' bangle is a wonderful gift for Mid Century gals. The perfect addition to their festive outfit! 

Available from LadyJoBangles on Etsy


14. BMX Mug by Move

BMX Mug by Move

Help someone relive their childhood bunny hops and let them sup in style whilst reminiscing about the wheelies and endos they used to pull back in the day. Great gift for rad dudes (man).


Available from MadebyMove on Etsy


15. Rockabilly Pin Up Gift Set by Inkabilly
Rockabilly Rose Gift Set by Inkabilly

 A rose for a rose ... This Rockabilly Accessories Gift Set is perfect for gals who rock the Pin Up style. A classic Rockabilly bandana with matching compact mirror will earn you some thoughtful brownie points! Both mirror and scarf can also be purchased separately in many more designs ...

Available from Inkabilly


So there you have it, our retro Christmas Gift Guide for 2019. We hope we have helped you with your search for unique gifts this year ..... 

We wish you a very Retro Christmas!

Have a very retro Christmas from Inkabilly


Thanks to Estelle Bilson Creative and Jimbeels for letting us use their fabulous artwork in our title graphic!