House Tour: Mid Century meets Rustic Boho in Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home

By Lee Franklin

Rachel’s home has a wonderful Art Deco vibe …. Contrasting dark and light colours in a restricted palette, with classic furniture pieces, wicker and plants in eclectic layers, you would not necessarily think you are in the UK …

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - lounge and hallway

How would you describe your vintage style?

I would describe my style as somewhere between mid century and retro, with a rustic boho twist.

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - mid century teak furniture

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - shelf details and lounge corner with art deco cabinet

How long have you been interested in vintage and where does your love of vintage come from?

My passion for all things vintage comes from my Mum‘s side of the family, growing up in a maximalist home surrounded by old and eclectic things has inspired my interior style and what I consider to be homely. In my early teens I remember my Mum taking me to my first auction, she came home that day with a wicker shopping basket on wheels and a collection of Victorian duck head walking sticks! I remember thinking ’What on earth Mum, you don’t need a shopping basket on wheels or a walking stick! Let alone six!’, but looking back they did make a fabulous display on my Mum’s ornate Victorian hall stand. Fast forward 20 years and my husband now says the same to me, ‘Why on earth have you bought that!?’ I think it’s safe to say I have inherited my Mum’s passion for collecting things I don’t really need but can’t resist! 

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - stunning yellow fire surround and teak sideboard

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - Art Deco cabinets

Would it be fair to say you have quite specific criteria when it comes to your home décor?

I love all things that have history and a story to tell, but if an item or piece of furniture grabs my attention, regardless of whether it’s vintage or not, I could be tempted. My home is full of things that have been gathered and collected over the years, so it’s a look that has come together gradually but it’s always evolving. I will often buy something because I like it but without knowing exactly where I am going to put it. A few months ago I found a beautiful rattan sunburst dressing screen, I had no idea where it could go but after a few days of it sitting in the spare room, I decided to mount it on the wall above the bed in the master bedroom to make a backdrop for the headboard and I love it!

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - rattan screen behind bed in master bedroom

What is your favourite era / maker?

Over the last few years I have become slightly obsessed with mid century, I own a few G-Plan pieces, a Ladderax shelving set, lots of bamboo and wicker and a Schreiber piano that used to belong to my great auntie. I love the elegant simplicity of style that comes with mid century design and the use of teak which looks amazing in any space. 

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - hallway with piano & lounge with french mid century tapestry, ladderax unit

Do you have a favourite piece in your home?

I don’t, I love it all! From my 9ft tall cheese plant to the huge bamboo swivel rocking chairs, to the Art Deco cabinet that I got on Facebook Marketplace after narrowly missing out on something similar in a charity shop. Another favourite is a Franco Albini ottoman, which I bought at a flea market in Aldeburgh a few summers ago. More recently I have started collecting mid century needlepoint tapestries, so I was delighted to come across a huge floral tapestry by mid century artist Herve LeLong, which was sourced by the seller from a brocante in France. It’s a large tapestry, over 4ft wide and quite a statement piece. It hangs proudly above the sofa in the living room and contrasts well with the dark green walls. 

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - french mid century tapestry and cheese plant, art deco cabinet

Your home has had some press attention recently, care to tell us about that?

I was contacted by a freelance stylist a while ago about doing a photoshoot in my home, I initially thought I couldn’t do it as I still had a long ‘to-do’ list of projects, but I ended up agreeing and I am so glad I did. It was fabulous day, the stylist and photographer were great fun and did an amazing job of capturing my home which was published in the February 2020 edition of Style at Home.

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - bedroom and bathroom

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - bedrooms

You also run a vintage shop on Instagram, Crazy Clutter, with all the items styled (and looking fabulous) at your home. How do you not just want to keep all the lovely things? And have you ever regretted selling something?

My Instagram shop is my outlet for things that I can no longer keep. I can be very indecisive at times but also impulsive, so you might see some of my impulses reluctantly for sale from time to time! One of my biggest regrets was selling my Ercol dining table and chairs, it was a hasty decision as we moved back into our recently refurbished home and the kitchen was a lot bigger than before, so I wanted a large table to fill the space but looking back I wish I had kept it! 

House Tour: Rachel’s Eclectic Retro Home - kitchen

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Photo credits: All photos kindly provided by Rachel.


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