House Tour : A Palm Springs Mid Century Condo

by Lee Franklin May 02, 2019 2 Comments

With the new look blog, we promised house tours of super cool retro home, and what better way to start this regular feature than with a totally fabulous Mid Century condo in Palm Springs!

Palm Springs Mid Century condo exterior | The Inkabilly Blog

This amazing apartment was built in 1957 and has featured on the Palm Springs Modernism Tour several times during Modernism Week, which is an annual celebration of Mid Century Modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture in Palm Springs.

Palm Springs in well known for having whole neighbourhoods of untouched MCM design and architecture and people come from all over the world to visit during Modernism Week.

Palm Springs Mid Century condo lounge kitchen | The Inkabilly Blog

The lucky owner of this superb home is Thom McMorris. Thom purchased the condo in 2008 when it was in “liveable” shape, but he has since renovated the kitchen and bathroom. It still has the original fireplace, jalousie windows and, get this, the original Gaffers & Sattler stove, still in full working order!

Palm Springs Mid Century Condo Lounge | The Inkabilly Blog

We asked Thom a few questions about his particular take on Mid Century style and also to give us Brits a little insider info on Palm Springs and it’s MC heritage …

How would you describe your particular style? 

Mid-Century mash-up.  A little 50s, 60s, and 70s

Palm Springs Mid Century condo dining area | The Inkabilly Blog

What is it that draws you to the Mid Century style?

I was born in 1961. I think it is a longing for that time... for me. It reminds me of my parents who I lost too soon. It is sentimental, but it is not always what drew me. Early on, I was really into antiques and Asian art. African and other carvings from around the world. That all changed when I started visiting Palm Springs. I 'discovered' modern again.

Do you have a favourite era, maker or artist?

I am drawn to the 70s. My high school days. Love the colors as you can see by my Brady Bunch kitchen. 

Where do you source your items?

Most of the items were thrifted or found at garage sales. I did buy the coffee table online & most of the art in galleries. I have a few very special family pieces as well.

Palm Springs Mid Century Condo bedroom and exterior rear

Can you tell us Brits any insider info about Palm Springs and it's MC heritage?

Yes, Palm Springs, a few hours out of LA, started as a western style town where people came to get over lung issues in the early part of last century. It's proximity to LA made it an ideal getaway for stars to escape the prying eye of reporters etc. The city has not always appreciated the MCM element & much of it fell into disrepair in the 70s/80s. Over the years as interest peaked in mcm design, they realised they had whole neighbourhoods untouched to rediscover. Now there is a huge Modernism festival with tours, talks, films etc. every February. People come from all over the world.

Photo credit: All photographs kindly provided by Thom McMorris.

Lee Franklin
Lee Franklin


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May 03, 2019

Thanks Thom! Your house is fabulous! We’d love to come visit …. better start saving ;) x

Thom McMorris
Thom McMorris

May 03, 2019

Looks amazing! Thank you for showcasing my place. Come visit!!!

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