Geometric Obsessions - Scandinavian Modern and Art Deco meeting in the Mid Century.

By Lee Franklin

Pinterest is seriously addictive … anyone who has spent any time on it knows what a brilliant research tool it is, and it’s just far too easy to compile endless collections of sumptuous images. I am definitely a ‘visual’ person and as such I regularly lose hours looking at gorgeous photos of vintage interiors and furniture ... lacquered atomic coffee tables and plant holders, sunburst clocks, 50’s formica, gloriously colourful 70’s ceramics, kitsch fabrics, Mid Century Modern teak furniture ….. to name but a few ….

But my current obsessions are very much in a geometric vein ... I say 'current', but thinking about it, I think I have always been pulled towards the simplicity and un-fussiness of geometric design.  Whether that be the cool clean lines of Scandinavian Modern or the sumptuous, glamorous curves and piercing lines of Art Deco.

Art Deco images from Pinterest

Images from our Pinterest Board Art Deco

I get a proper satisfying feeling looking at these two unlikely bedfellows. I am not entirely sure what it is that stirs within, or why a simple geometric shape of a clean solid colour can evoke such feelings ... maybe it is just that - the depth of a single colour, the simplicity of a single line or sharp shape. It's not trying to be anything it's not. Here I am it says, take me or leave me. It is bold and quietly self-assured, using only the necessary lines or colour it needs to make a statement, never too little, and definitely never too much. The Swedes were certainly onto something with Lagom, "Everything just right".

Scandi Geometric homes

 Images from our Pinterest Board: Geometric Home

From a home decor point of view, I love the flexibility of these two styles. Both can look just at home in retro/vintage and modern/contemporary styled interiors. One is distinctly vintage and the other rather modern; one is fixated with ornament, the other with function, but they both sit very well in each other's spaces. And I think they both fit very comfortably into a Mid Century style of decor. 

The Modern Scandinavian style complements the clean, curved lines of Mid Century furniture, and it's (dare I say) rustic edge blends well with teak and wooden finishes.


Mid Century Style Modern interiors

Images from our Pinterest Board: Mid Century Style Modern Interiors

Art Deco is sophisticated and powerful. Repeating geometric shapes, symmetry, block-like structures juxtaposed with rounded corners, zigzags and bold shapes ... all things which are shared with MCM style.

I am sure there are style purists that will disagree, but I am just far too excited by he patterns and designs of too many eras to ever be religious about any one in particular. Our own home is an eclectic melting pot of Mid Century and 70s, but with a distinct Scandi type organisation and functionality .... ish ... if I close my eyes? ... we share our home with a very 'creative' 5 year old after all!

Scandi Geometric Homes pinterest montage

Images from our Pinterest Board: Scandi Geometric

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