GDPR and Us. Boring but important blog post

by Lee Franklin May 25, 2018

Working on GDPR

So I think anyone who has ever signed up to any online newsletter must be aware of the changes in data protection law due to GDPR. But just in case you missed it, the way online businesses are allowed to acquire, store and use personal data of visitors and customers on their websites is being tightened up. Hurray!

We welcome any laws that create a safer online experience, and whereas it does require all us e-commerce businesses to do a bit more work to get our websites ready for the change, it's all good. Protection of personal data has always been important to us and being open & honest about the way we do business is equally close to our hearts. We run Inkabilly as ethically as possible, so as well as digitally protecting our customers while they shop with us online, we also make every effort to run our physical day to day business in an eco-friendly and human-friendly way. 

We have already updated our privacy policies which you can read in full here.  However, below is a quick summary:

Please rest assured that your privacy is of the upmost importance to us and we understand how complicated, and sometimes scary this whole area is for a lot of people. We only ever gather and use personal data for essential running of our business: Transactional reasons (if you buy something from us), Marketing: we gather non-personal data to help us run our website. This helps us understand typical customer browsing and buying patterns, and this information in turn enables us to market new products to you ... cos, you know we kinda need to sell stuff ;)

We NEVER share any personal details with anyone not involved in the transaction process. In short: Payment method details, such as credit/debit card details, are held by our payment processor (Shopify). It is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). It is stored only as long as is necessary to complete your purchase transaction. After that is complete, your purchase transaction information is deleted. Paypal payments: Paypal have their own set of policies which you can read here, or through your own Paypal account. Postal addresses are, of course, shared with the companies that deliver your Inkabilly purchases. We securely retain order details (name/address/email address), for 4 years, which is the legal amount of time needed for Tax purposes. We do not personally store any credit or debit data.

We will only ever send you our newsletter if you have actively signed up for it.

We do use cookies on our website. A quick summary of these below;

Cookies are small text files which most websites put on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device for accessing the internet when you first visit a site or page. This can sound scary, but please note that cookies cannot harm your computer.

Cookies can do many things. For example, they can help us to analyse how well our site is performing, or allow us to recommend content we believe will be most relevant to you, based on pages or products you have previously viewed.

Certain cookies contain personal information. For example, if you click to "remember me" when logging in, a Cookie will store your username. Most cookies won't collect information that identifies you. Instead, cookies will collect more general information such as how users arrive at and use our site, or a user's general location.

For more information about how we use cookies, please read the Cookies section of our Privacy Policy. You can control the use of Cookies on your device, and we have provided some links to help you do so in our Privacy Policy.

You can also request what information we have at any point.

If you would like any more information about any of this, please do get in touch!

Many thanks for reading the boring bits!

Lee & Karl x

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Lee Franklin
Lee Franklin


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