Blush Pink and Grey Scandi Geometric Homewares

By Lee Franklin

Blush Pink and Grey Tableware by Inkabilly

So, we've actually had our new Blush Pink and Grey colour scheme on sale for a few weeks now ... And it's Modern Scandinavian style meets fabulous 50s home decor colours! 

Blimey, it's been a bit hectic this last month and we are only just getting round to updating the blog! It makes a nice change - instead of just announcing a new product, we can say it is already flying out the door! Hurrah! 

A combination of our new 'sets of 6' and this new colour way has meant we have been printing-a-go-go! And what with this extended cold winter weather, operating a heat press has been rather nice! The studio has been quite toasty .... Mmmm!

I love it when we introduce a new colour ... a new mood enters the workspace, and this time it is one of calm and nostalgia. Blush pink is a very relaxing, peaceful colour and partnered with shades of grey, while being quite a contemporary combination, also takes us back to our youth, when the "80s did 50s" style emerged. 

Pink is often a sign of hope, so you can serve up some positivity with a colour that inspires warm and comforting feelings. Serene mealtimes await you ... or at least we hope to bring a pleasing sense of calm to your tea break (or provide the perfect place to sit that cheeky Pink Gin on!). 

Blush Pink and Grey Geometric Coasters by Inkabilly

Scandi Geometric Coasters in Blush Pink & Grey / The Inkabilly Emporium

Available in sets of 4 and 6, our coasters and placemats are made from hardy, super glossy melamine which makes them heat resistant and oh, so easy to clean ... just wipe over with a damp cloth!

Printed by hand in our Bristol studio.

Scandi Geometric Placemats in Blush Pink and Grey by Inkabilly

Scandi Geometric Placemats in Blush Pink & Grey / The Inkabilly Emporium


We have been collating a Blush Pink Interiors board over on Pinterest, so if you are thinking of adopting this colour scheme more widely in your home, it might be worth a browse!