15 Hilarious Vintage Valentines Cards

By Lee Franklin

You can't beat a good pun ... well maybe you can when you take a look at this collection of Vintage Valentines cards that we have put together for your delight ... during our search we found some delightful and sweet vintage valentines cards, but we thought you would rather see the funny, sickly, scary and disturbing ones!

So, before we get onto slightly inappropriate, scary and offensive ... let's ease you in with a couple of sickly sweet bad puns ...

Not toooo bad, so let's move onto an area that all ladies will appreciate (!) the kitchen;

And domestic chores:


But you know there's noting quite like a fish based token of love;

Or pickles for that matter;

How about a bit of salad charm;

Or a skunk;

Or even better ... a psycho pizza chef who might just have been in the kitchen a little bit too long judging by his mad stare;

Nothing says I like you quite like a big sausage;

But the best way to a girl's heart has got to be through her pants;

And if that doesn't work, you could always just try something downright scary;

Or just plain offensive;


We hope these have given you some great ideas for wooing your loved one this Valentines Day!

If, on the other hand, you would like some more serious suggestions, you could always check out our Personalised Valentines Compact Mirrors.

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